Winter Wonder Burgers!

Not too much can get between us and our favorite grilled foods, but then again, we do live in the northeast, and if this winter is anything like last “polar vortex” winter, our grilling days are numbered.    Mercifully, Lauren’s aunt passed this outrageously easy and super delicious recipe along. We think It comes really close to an “off the grill” cheeseburger flavor. Using Bisquick in lieu of  traditional hamburger buns creates an unexpected twist, and makes your burgers perfect for party appetizers. They’re also especially great for kicking back to enjoy with a football game on the big screen. So, pull out your muffin pans, and prepare to bake yourself a burger! Squeeze on the ketchup and mustard, and garnish with mini pickles.  Hot, delicious and satisfying grilled burger yumminess in December? No problem!   

Impossibly Easy Mini Cheeseburger Pies

(This recipe will make exactly 12 mini pies.)

photo (542)

photo (527)

photo (531)

photo (530)

photo (528)

photo (543)

photo (533)

photo (536)

photo (538)

photo (541)


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