When To Toss Your Makeup?


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(information obtained from pop sugar Sept 30, 2015)



When to toss makeup

If your makeup kit keeps expanding like ours, then chances are, you have used cosmetics that surpassed their expiration date. Let’s talk about all the beauty products that are lost in the back of the bathroom drawer (and these include curly bob wigs, yes). We will get back to the Microblading London and other essentials in another post. Every seasonal cleaning we do, something new pops up that we didn’t remember we had and surely can’t remember the last time we used it. But, one thing is for sure, we are definitely excited to give those products another go. Seriously, who wants to throw away their favorite lipstick or eyeshadow? Most of us don’t realize until our mascara gets hard, dry, and clumpy or our lipsticks start to acquire that awful odor that these products have been around a little bit too long. Cosmetics can trap bacteria just like food in our refrigerators. From the moment you remove the packaging and expose your makeup to air, it’s exposed to bacteria. Liquid based makeup, like foundations and mascaras, typically hold on to more bacteria than powder based makeup. None of us want to smear dirty makeup all over our face. This can only cause issues like skin irritation, breakouts, or eye infections. To avoid all these nasty issues and to keep your skin healthy, be sure to follow the guidelines above.

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