As you navigate the busy days of this holiday season, save time and $$’s while managing your waistline. Plan ahead by making healthy grab and go lunches in advance. Mason jars are the perfect portable for just about any lunchable from soup to nuts, so we decided to use them for packing delicious salads. While the mix is up to you, to avoid a soggy salad it’s more about ingredient placement. Start with the dressing on the bottom, furthest away from your greens. Next, layer in your protein and follow with any chunky ingredients topping it all with the leafy stuff. We started with chick peas, then carrots, and finished with greens on top. The results? A colorful, healthy, crisp and tasty salad to enjoy! Stumped for ideas or ingredients? Check out Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials. Nutritious, guilt free and so flavorful!

Mason Jar Salads for Lunch

Mason Jar Salad

From the Garden


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