Donne Divine Eau de Parfum & Luscious Body Oil Set

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Fragrance Story:

Donne Divine “Divine Women” are the loveliest European ladies. Whether they’re shopping at a local market or dressing for a royal ball, they always exude an air of charm and opulence.  This fragrance has a bold personality with smooth, warm notes of bourbon vanilla, oak cask and amber. Dressed in their winter best, the Donne Divine emanate feminine aromas of spiced wood smoke and honey.

Style:  Chypre


-Top: Bergamot & Mandarin 

-Heart: Clove & Musk 

-Base: Vanilla & Patchouli

Mood: Sensual, intense & warm.

Luscious Body Oil:

Our luscious body oil is wildly luxurious and will leave your skin soft and silky smooth.


Donne Divine Eau De Parfum and Luscious Body Oil are both Vegan, Paraben, and Phthalate free.


Eau de Parfum: .3 FL oz/ 9 ML

Luscious Body Oil: 4 FL. oz / 118 ML


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4 reviews for Donne Divine Eau de Parfum & Luscious Body Oil Set

  1. Ginni p (verified owner)

    Joyful fragrance..I love to wear it..
    Lasts all day too….

  2. Elizabeth matthews (verified owner)

    Beautiful scent very warm and sultry

  3. Kim Arnold (verified owner)

    I get compliments every time I wear this. Perfumes smell very different on me so with that said, smells like pipe tobacco on me. Reminds me of my Uncle who always smoke pipes. I LOVE it and I am 60 and my 25 year old daughter also loves. The oil is amazing! Not greasy at all and so silky smooth on the skin.

  4. Theresa Page (verified owner)

    I’ll admit at first I was not liking the smell of this perfume. It’s very different. I almost tossed it. I didn’t want to hurt Karen or Lauren’s feelings in my review but want to be honest. I kept trying to like it. Everyone’s sense of smell is different which is why there are so many perfumes on the market and they smell differently on each person. Perfumes are not one size fits all. But now I think I’m starting to like it. Especially after it dies down a little. It’s different for sure. It’s like someone said a tobacco pipe smell with vanilla. It can be strong at first so I prefer it died down a little. And a little goes a long way. I think they need to name their second spring perfume Bliss or Blissful.

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