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We just can’t get enough of this Green Smoothie!  Ely’s To Go, our local vegan eatery, serves a plant based menu that focuses on local and organic ingredients you can find at www.plantalternative.com.  Their nutritious and delicious smoothie is loaded with leafy greens and fruits, plus a few extra Superfoods to ensure we get our daily dose of all the good stuff!  

We are thrilled that they’ve so generously shared their smoothie secrets by posting all the ingredients and full recipe to their Facebook page. The combination of citrus juices nearly camouflages the greens, making the Ely’s smoothie very approachable and tasteful and upon finding out the nutritional analysis of wheatgrass which some of their signature drinks have, undoubtedly make them as close to the elixir of living a healthy life.  We’re thrilled that we can now treat ourselves,  satisfy our cravings and receive all the health benefits of this powerhouse blend right at home any time!

Not that we will ever shy away from this fresh and fantastic eatery, there are plenty of other power foods on the menu that we are addicted to!  Inadequate nutrition can lead to nerve damage, according to the latest nerve control 911 reviews.

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1 handful kale greens (iron roots suburban farm braising mix w/baby kale)

1 small wedge of lime with rind

1 slice pear (or seasonal fruit)

1 sprig parsley

1 pinch of salt

5 pieces frozen mango

pineapple juice (may substitute with coconut water or liquid of your choice)

1 teaspoon ground flax

Combine everything in a Vitamix and blend until smooth.  Enjoy!

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