In Honor Of Mother’s Day!

In honor of all the wonderful mothers out there and to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re excited to announce that we will be doing a giveaway. This will include some of our favorite skincare products from CITY BEAUTY!

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The rules are as follows…

In the comment section of this post, answer the following question:

What’s the best advice your mother gave you?

We will announce a winner on Monday, May 11th, 2020.

Both of our beautiful mothers have taught us the importance of a good skincare routine. This started at a very young age! As young kids, we both recall our mom’s preaching that we should thoroughly wash our faces morning and night and how we should never go to sleep with makeup on. With that, followed extra steps to keep our skin looking youthful, fresh, and bright by adding moisturizers with quality ingredients. Also, protecting our skin when outdoors. Knowing one day that all of the advice passed down and practicing their skincare secrets, it would eventually pay off. Two of our favorites, The City Beauty Multi-Action Sculpting Cream and The Blue Defense HydroGel, are a perfect representation of exactly what our mother’s told us to use.

The Multi-Action Sculpting Cream provides noticeable improvements with tightening and firming our skin along with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. This cream seriously takes the years off!

Similar to the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream above, The Blue Defense HydroGel also plumps up our skin by delivering a deep hydration that last for up to three days which helps maintain good texture and tone and our youthful glow!

These power house beauty products are vital to our daily routine that follow the guidelines and advice both our mothers instilled in us when we thought we would never wrinkle or were too young to realize the importance of skincare, and there are some great treatments like skin tightening Gold Coast which help a lot with the improving of the skin.

Thank you to our moms for their guidance and thank you City Beauty for creating products our moms are, and would be, proud of! xoxo

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. My mother always told us girls to moisturize, and never forget the neck and ears. Also, make sure you wear clean underwear (we were kids) lol in case you have to go to the hospital. Her best advice is to always laugh and find the good in everything. Happy Mothers Day ladies xxx

  2. Hi Karen an Lauren,
    My Mom, always told me not to ever give up “Hope”, no matter what life gives in the good or bad, “Hope” is a good thing an to always trust an put faith into God. If, I don’t win that’s okay it’s okay. At least I got the chance to share a small piece of my Mom, it’s been 14 yrs this June since her passing, not a day goes bye that I do think of her an miss her dearly, but it was meant for her to go home, her job here on earth was done. Thank you for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it. To whom ever shall win….. Congratulations 🎉🍾
    Best regards,

  3. My Mother, Dolores passed December of last year. She lived with our family for 20 years. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I miss her terribly and she was my best friend. The best advice she gave me was – To believe in our good Lord and she gave my brother and I a strong religious background. Because she said without your belief and faith you cannot have any thing worth while. Xoxoxo🙏🏻💋❤️

  4. My mom’s best advice was to take care of my skin at a young age and to drink lots of water!! She lead by example also. ☺

  5. The best advice my mother gave me was to always make sure your shoes are shined and polished and your nails are manicured…these are two of the first things people will notice and judge your character by.

  6. how do I enter.this is what id really love to try,it was recommended to me by Lauren on the skin care questions. please enter me.thanks so much.this is wonderful.

    • Hello Diana,

      Share with us, What’s the best advice your mother gave you? You can reply here and you will be entered! Thanks so much! xo

  7. My mother taught me how to stop and enjoy the little moments in life..whether it was coffee with friends, family meals…to be in the moment.

  8. The best advice my mother had given me was in my crazy teenage years. She told me that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and that I should love who God created me to be. He knows exactly how many hairs are on my head because he put them there! Her words helped me through many years of depression and body shaming. I am now in my late 30’s and still wake up every morning and recite those great words of wisdom. She definitely taught me how to keep my chin up even when others want to bring it back down. She’s an amazing woman!

  9. The best advice my mother gave me was as a married woman, to always have your own bank account, and to always tuck money away into it…for a rainy day, or a get far away.😜😊

  10. Starting in elementary school my mom said find the poorest child in the class and befriend them. I’m a champion for the underdog to this day.

  11. The best advice my mother gave me that I still use, is that whenever you are having a bad day just remember that “tomorrow is a new day!” Tomorrow can be your do-over! Oh, and she also always told me to “hold my stomach in!” LOL!

  12. I can’t say it was “verbal” teaching but more on how she lived her life. She was a strong woman who raised me alone after I was 11 when my dad passed. She did not have an education (quit in 8th grade) but we never were without. She even helped me go to college! That courage and strength are what I continue to strive for in my life.

    • What a strong women, I’m so sorry to hear your dad passed when you were so young. That had to be very difficult. xo Lauren

  13. My mother always told me to “be you” and “be kind to others”. I think now as a mother of two girls is so important to remind them how unique and special each of them are. and no matter how different we are from each other; we should be nice and kind to them.

  14. From a very young age, my mother always told me that I could achieve whatever I set out to do. In addition, not to let anyone tell me I couldn’t. Wonderful advise from a wonderful mom and best friend.

  15. You can do anything you set you mind too, think before you speak words like toothpaste one they come out you can’t put them back.

  16. The best advice my mom gave me was to enjoy high school with my girlfriends and have fun and don’t date seriously until you’re older. Because of this, I had a best friend who will always remain close to my heart. (She died when we were 30 of CF. I miss her every day.) And when it came time for me to date, I started when I was well into college, I had a more mature outlook on who I dated and eventually married the man of my dreams. We’ve been married for 34 years. I passed the same advice on to my own children.

  17. The first thing I remember my Mother telling me is “Don’t go where you’re not wanted, you may not have a good time”.

  18. I remember my mom telling me something that her dad always told her. After you wash your face splash cold water on it. It closes the pores. She also told me to Trust in the Lord.

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