Drinks On The House!

Get ready to ring in the holidays with good cheer! Create a festive help-your-self beverage station that your guests will love! It’s simple to set up, and perfect for every occasion. Choose a theme and build upon it using glassware, ceramics, cake stands and trays filled with tasty toppings to tantalize and compliment. Be your best host by thinking about organization. Present your display in an area of your home that allows easy access and encourages self service. Our wintertime theme features a variety of cocoa, coffee, and tea selections. We pulled out all of our favorites for a cold, winter day and added enough festive bling to get our guests in the party spirit! Now sit back and enjoy your guests creating their own delicious concoctions, because every party deserves good refreshments!

Wintertime Hot Cocoa, Coffee & Tea Station/ the 2 Orchids YouTube Channel!

Hot Cocoa with whip creme and sprinkles

Display for DIY Beverage Station

Glassware for DIY Beverage Station

Cake Platter for DIY Beverage Station

DIY Beverage Station

Toppings for DIY Beverage Station

Cocoa and tea for winter theme beverage stationHot cocoa-DIY Beverage Station



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