DIY Easter Oreo Cookie Pops!

oreo pops


1 package of Double Stuf Oreo Cookies

2- 16-ounce bags Giannos Melting Chocolate Wafers ( more or less depending on the amount you are making)

Lollipop of cookie sticks

Assorted Sprinkles

Tips we found useful:  Try using skewer sticks in place of cookie sticks, they are thinner and slide into filling much easier.  You can cut the ends of the skewer sticks to shorten. Also, try Mega Stuf Oreos in place of Double Stuf.

oreo pop ingredients


Line cookie sheets with wax paper.  Place a handful of Oreos on a plate and put them into the microwave for 10 seconds on defrost.   This will soften up the crème filling in the center so the stick slides into the cookie easily.  This is a TIP  we read from Pinterest to avoid the Oreos from cracking.  Although this does make it easier, you have to be extremely careful as we felt the cookies still cracked easily.   In a chocolate melting pot place one bag of melting chocolate wafers into the pot to melt, stirring frequently.  Then slowly add in more if needed.  Spoon melted chocolate over cookie to coat.  We found that by spooning the chocolate over cookie instead of dipping, prevented the cookie from falling off the stick.  Let any remaining chocolate drip off the cookie, then transfer to lined cookie sheet and add sprinkles.  Leave cookie pops on the baking sheet until the chocolate hardens. 

oreo pops oreo pops

oreo pops

Display as a cute centerpiece for your table following a few simple steps.

oreo pops tray for display We glued two 12 X 4 X 2-inch Durafoam pieces together, then cut corners to fit oval-shaped platter.

easter grass

Using Clear Gel Tacky craft glue, we glued on Easter grass.

oreo pops

With small treats bags and colorful twist ties, we wrapped each cookie.  This is perfect if giving as party favors!

oreo pops

Stick cookie pops into the foam.

oreo pops

We then placed sweet tart jelly beans and pink chick marshmallow peeps on top of our grass for an adorable display!


oreo pops

Halloween, birthdays, the Fourth of July! Any excuse for a party is reason enough for s sweet treat. Although we made our pops for Easter, Oreo Pops can be decorated to complement any season, event or holiday. Plus, wrapped in cellophane or treat bags and tied with a ribbon, they work perfectly as party favors. Now, let’s talk about how we tricked out these plain pops. First, we inserted the cookie sticks carefully (see tip above to avoid cracking) into our Double Stuf Oreos filling. Next, we melted Giannos chocolate wafers in our melting pot and dipped our pops to coat. Finally, we added the big ta-da by covering our pops in brightly colored sprinkles. All that’s missing is a big glass of milk to go with this heaven on a stick snack! Seriously, we can’t think of an indulgent treat better than this…. except, maybe deep fried Oreos!


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