Cruschi Peppers

We love to share our family traditions with our friends, especially during the holidays. Today, Lauren shares a tradition that dates back to her grandparent’s childhood in the small village of Valsinni Materra, the Italian region of Basilicata. The “Cruschi” pepper, or red goat horn pepper, was a fixture on grandma’s dinner table growing up. For months leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, strings of peppers were always found hanging in grandma’s basement to dry out for frying. Crispy, addicting, and so delicious, we enjoyed them like we would potato chips. To this day, we still appreciate their unique taste and they remain a family favorite for all to enjoy. Using a dehydrator, we have found a way to speed up the drying process that used to take months in grandma’s basement. Now they’re ready to flash fry to perfection. For an extra, added touch, we season the peppers with salt and a dash of paprika. My father and I are so proud to carry on this family tradition because it brings back many fond memories and we hope to create many more for years to come!

Step 1: Each pepper is cleaned with a damp cloth, then ends and seeds are removed.

Red Goathorn Peppers

Step 2: Peppers are placed in the dehydrator for drying.

Peppers dehyrdating

Step 3: Remove any remaining seeds, then begin frying. Flash Fry by submerging pepper in hot oil for 2-3 seconds (you will notice pepper expand). Then place on paper towels to cool and absorb excess oil.

Crushi Pepper Before & After Frying

Step 4: Sprinkle salt to taste and a dash of paprika. Enjoy!

Peppers ready to eat



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  1. I have been telling stories about my grandfather, my papa, would hang peppers in my basement in Chicago. I haven’t had them since. I really enjoyed this article. I would love to taste them

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