Cowboy Boots Centerpiece




Yes, these boots were made for walking! Truth be told, after some miles every pair earns its rest. That’s why we are changing it to some boots were made for decorating! Our next DIY project is about taking a pair of cowboy boots from and transforming it into a killer centerpiece.

We can’t think of a cuter centerpiece for a number reasons – not that you need one! Amongst our favorite themes are: Wedding Day, Rustic or Country Wedding Theme, Outdoor Barbecue, Graduation Party, Picnic, and more.

If you are always looking for ways to add a little country cowgirl touch in anything you do, this simple project does the trick. Just grab your favorite pair of cowboy boots and stuff with some filler such as paper or craft foam.

Add fresh or faux flowers that represent any season or event and make something to click your heels on about. For extra customization, accessorize with bandanas, bales of hay and a few horseshoes.

The boot centerpiece in the picture was made from scratch for Lauren’s niece’s graduation party, which was an outdoor barbecue-themed party, as you might remember from our previous post. We used Sunflowers in all colors, shapes, and sizes mixed with greenery and Cattails we arranged inside the boots.

We then sprayed mason jars with gold glitter spray paint and rolled with extra glitter for more sparkle. You can set the glitter by spraying with hairspray. Remember: there is nothing as too much sparkle!

For our centerpiece, we also added faux flowers and some burlap, although jute also works for the ties. These type of accessories are also great when used for fall decor. If you find yourself stumped for ideas, head over to Pinterest for more inspiration.

Time to grab your boots and start preparing your next centerpiece. Don’t worry if don’t have a special occasion around the corner, no one needs and excuses to show off an original DIY decoration project.

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