Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder



Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder



Today we will be sharing a not-so-secret beauty secret. Please be patient because we cannot talk about it without getting a bit nostalgic. Made available in 1935, Coty’s Airspun Loose Face Powder brings back memories of sitting at grandma’s vanity playing around with her makeup. Something tells us that this is what makeup should be all about.

We tried the translucent powder for extra coverage. It leaves a silky feel behind and sets the foundation to a flawless matte finish. Makeup is kept in place for an entire day. Great as a finishing agent, we applied it with the help of a big fluffy powder brush. Yes, it does come with a large applicator puff. What can we say? Our brush is like a crush.

If you’re into the “baking” technique try it at least once. This powder does wonders for oily skin. It absorbs oil and prevents that shiny look that Lauren usually gets by the end of the day especially in the T-zone.  We appreciate that one container lasts a long time, making this affordable drugstore product worth every cent.  Just like grandma would approve! It’s not a coincidence that it has been around for decades…

The highly perfumed scent can be a little overbearing but soon it touches a soft spot by remembering us of grandma. Nostalgia or not, we happen to like it! Although we concede that some may not be fond of the scent and may even describe it as an old lady smell. 

Let us finish by pointing out that this product comes in a beautifully decorated container that will look as delicate in a vanity drawer as in your everyday purse. If this is not the ultimate “oldie but goodie”, we will drop our brushes right now!


Editor:  Maria Ines Raposo

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