Say Cheese!

Great hosts know a well planned cheese plate (or cheese board) is must have at gatherings for any occasion! But, with so many varieties of cheese to choose from, selecting just the right combination can become overwhelming for the novice. Take the confusion out of the process by shopping for your display at a cheese specialty store. A knowledgable staff can walk you through the nuances of different varieties, typically sharing lots of samples to help you narrow down your favorites before you buy. Have a favorite wine or spirit you’d like to serve at your party? Jot down the name and vintage and bring it along on your cheese shopping expedition. Your cheese expert can help you make selections that will compliment your beverages to create the perfect pairings, or even suggest wines that will. Enhance the wow factor of your cheese board by adding deli meats, colorful fruits, nuts, and olives. We like to serve ours with different entertaining crackers and Crostini Toasts instead of the classic cracker. Building the perfect cheese plate or cheese board is easy, and as an added bonus, you can prep in advance. For a delicious, elegant appetizer just say cheese!

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