Blast From The Past!

Themed parties are a fantastic way to get everyone into the party spirit. Think “Paris” or “Hollywood” or “The 50’s”.   All it takes is an interesting invite, some thoughtful decorations and a few theme inspired recipes. Its easy to find your inspiration with a quick stroll through Pinterest, or if your feeling  your creative juices flowing, design your own invite and menu.  In fact, we recently had a blast at our friends’ 50’s themed summer picnic where we indulged in some oldies but goodies! They assembled a gorgeous cheeseboard display accompanied by Balsamic Strawberries to compliment the cheese with a sweet and sour finish.  Burgers and fries were served in baskets with an old fashioned Coke to rinse it down.  Delicious homemade chocolate and vanilla milkshakes were on the menu for dessert.  It was so much fun sharing our great American traditions with friends and family from across the pond!  Jo really got into the fun rockin’ some 50’s fashion like a Bobbysoxer! We didn’t quite “Rock it Around the Clock” but a good time was certainly had by all! 

photo (580)

photo (587)

photo (578)

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