Trefiel Lace Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Hydromasks

Trefiel Facial Masks

Trefiel Lace Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Hydromasks

 Trefiel offers lace plant-based anti-aging sheet masks. After we opened our packages, the first thing we both noticed about the Trefiel facial masks was how beautiful they are.  Trust us, we’ve tried other brands in the past, and some had us looking pretty scary after the application. But we actually look pretty darn good with this one on. The fear factor is at a minimum! However, for us, the main concern when using a facial mask is the performance and these are nothing short of high-quality masks.  The design with lace details, along with the amount of product on the sheet, bring these to an entirely new level when treating our skin.  As you know by now, we take pride in a good skincare routine.

 When choosing products, we look for ones that provide quality ingredients which will give all the benefits of anti-aging. Karen opted for the Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask. It offers a collagen boosting combination of hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen, and grape seed extract that will help tighten and firm the skin.  She noticed that her face was soft and smooth even a few days after application.  I, Lauren, opted for the Moisturising Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask which will boost hydration to either dry or oily skin.  The aloe, vitamin E, and rose extract worked so well that it left my skin feeling radiant and gave it a healthy glow desperately needed this time of year.  The product on the mask penetrated deep into my skin for ample moisture without leaving a greasy residue.  They also offer a Brightening and Repairing mask as well that we hope to try soon.  It’s wonderful to sit back and indulge in thirty minutes of relaxation.  We are very excited to share our review of Trefiel Facial Masks and can’t thank them enough for reaching out to us!  

Trefiel Firming Hydromask

Trefiel Moisturising Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask

Trefiel Moisturising Mask

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