Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

pixi double cleanse

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

pixi double cleanse

Looking for a lift to your sometimes-boring PM routine? We have a two-in-one product that is a game changer. Pixie by Petra + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse is divided in half, where one side includes a solid cleansing oil and the other a cleansing cream.

This is one of those brand-new beauty finds at Target. It’s Karen-approved considering she has been using it as part of her skincare routine and doesn’t plan to swap anytime soon.

Karen finds it gentle and very effective without leaving behind residues as sometimes makeup removers do. The cleansing oil dissolves her makeup, sunscreen, and even tackles waterproof eyeliner and mascara. The cleansing cream also does the job – cleans and nourishes. No skin tightness in sight.

Another plus of this 2-in-1 wonder is the lack of fragrance. Not only is it convenient for everyday use and traveling, also a small amount goes a long way. It sure helps that the formula is enriched with a wide range of skin-loving ingredients.

The solid cleansing oil contains vitamin E that protects and conditions, camellia oil which offers great nourishment, and evening primrose oil which heals and moisturizes. Regarding the cleansing cream, its composition includes vitamin C which promotes collagen production, a peptide complex to plump and relax lines, and arginine that improves cell renewal and skin elasticity.

The first step to include it in your PM regime is understanding what each product does. The solid cleansing oil removes all traces of makeup and sunscreen while the cleansing cream preps your skin for the next steps in your beauty routine.

As with all products, the effects are more visible after some use. Just apply a coin-sized amount of oil onto dry skin, massage and remove with a moist facecloth. Do the same for the cleansing cream. There, you’re all done. Sweet dreams!

Editor:  Maria Ines Raposo

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