oreo pops


1 package of Double Stuf Oreo Cookies

2- 16-ounce bags Giannos Melting Chocolate Wafers ( more or less depending on the amount you are making)

Lollipop of cookie sticks

Assorted Sprinkles

Tips we found useful:  Try using skewer sticks in place of cookie sticks, they are thinner and slide into filling much easier.  You can cut the ends of the skewer sticks to shorten. Also, try Mega Stuf Oreos in place of Double Stuf.

oreo pop ingredients


Line cookie sheets with wax paper.  Place a handful of Oreos on a plate and put them into the microwave for 10 seconds on defrost.   This will soften up the crème filling in the center so the stick slides into the cookie easily.  This is a TIP  we read from Pinterest to avoid the Oreos from cracking.  Although this does make it easier, you have to be extremely careful as we felt the cookies still cracked easily.   In a chocolate melting pot place one bag of melting chocolate wafers into the pot to melt, stirring frequently.  Then slowly add in more if needed.  Spoon melted chocolate over cookie to coat.  We found that by spooning the chocolate over cookie instead of dipping, prevented the cookie from falling off the stick.  Let any remaining chocolate drip off the cookie, then transfer to lined cookie sheet and add sprinkles.  Leave cookie pops on the baking sheet until the chocolate hardens. 

oreo pops oreo pops

oreo pops

Display as a cute centerpiece for your table following a few simple steps.

oreo pops tray for display We glued two 12 X 4 X 2-inch Durafoam pieces together, then cut corners to fit oval-shaped platter.

easter grass

Using Clear Gel Tacky craft glue, we glued on Easter grass.

oreo pops

With small treats bags and colorful twist ties, we wrapped each cookie.  This is perfect if giving as party favors!

oreo pops

Stick cookie pops into the foam.

oreo pops

We then placed sweet tart jelly beans and pink chick marshmallow peeps on top of our grass for an adorable display!


oreo pops

Halloween, birthdays, the Fourth of July! Any excuse for a party is reason enough for s sweet treat. Although we made our pops for Easter, Oreo Pops can be decorated to complement any season, event or holiday. Plus, wrapped in cellophane or treat bags and tied with a ribbon, they work perfectly as party favors. Now, let’s talk about how we tricked out these plain pops. First, we inserted the cookie sticks carefully (see tip above to avoid cracking) into our Double Stuf Oreos filling. Next, we melted Giannos chocolate wafers in our melting pot and dipped our pops to coat. Finally, we added the big ta-da by covering our pops in brightly colored sprinkles. All that’s missing is a big glass of milk to go with this heaven on a stick snack! Seriously, we can’t think of an indulgent treat better than this…. except, maybe deep fried Oreos!


Stila smudge stick

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

Stila Smudge Stick

Today we’ll share our thoughts on a product picked by Lauren during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty event. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner is possibly the eyeliner you’ve been looking for. This is an innovative product with a huge plus: no sharpener needed; just twist.

It is comfortable and reliable due to a formula rich in volatile silicones and modern wax oil combinations. There’s also vitamin C and E, ideal for moisturizing and acting as an antioxidant to fight any trace of skin aging.

Lauren chose colors Purple Tang, Tetra, Graphite, Damsel and Spice and the result was impressive. It lasts all day, doesn’t fade nor wears off, and doesn’t tug at the delicate skin around the eye. No melt effect either. Remarkable, right?

If, like Lauren, you use contact lenses here’s here how she uses it: apply it in waterline then smudge under the lash line. Your lenses won’t complain. You can easily draw a straight line whether you like finer or thicker.

It’s perfect to make your eye color pop, with its rich bold colors acorn to glide smoothly, for a fuss-free makeup experience. Apply it to your upper and lower lash lines, or use your eyeliner brush for a smudge result.

You do have some to play with it before it sets. After that, it won’t move an inch. As with regular waterproof products, be sure to use a makeup remover after you’re done with your smudgy killer look!

Editor: Maria Ines Raposo 

Tarte Shape Tape

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape



It’s time to talk about a cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan concealer. Enriched with Amazonian clay, conditioning mango seed, and shea butter, Tarte’s Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer certainly goes with our environmental beliefs.

This nutrient-rich 2-in-1 concealer works for skin elasticity and illumination, offering a crease-free application. We must confess this one exceeded our expectations: it blends out well, has superb pigmentation and provides full coverage while remaining lightweight. We love that it doesn’t settle in those annoying fine lines and wrinkles.

We used as a concealer for blemishes and erase dark circles discoloration, the under-eye area was instantly brightened. The result was a matte to natural finish. With the help of beauty blender sponge or a concealer brush, we found that a little goes a long way.

Lauren uses two colors. Light-medium, which blends with her foundation, on the under eyes and to cover redness around the nose. For added brightness, we both use light-medium honey under our eyes, one shade lighter than our foundation.

Ideal to sculpt and highlight as you mask imperfections, we suggest you try it for contouring. Just wear it 1-2 shades lighter or darker – it even comes with tapered wand applicator that seems perfect for strobing and sculpting. In addition, there are 14 colors for you to choose from.

One of the best features of this product are the skin-loving ingredients. You can look your best and still show some love to your skin. What’s not to like? Now we understand what hype is all about!

Editor: Maria Ines Raposo

pixi double cleanse

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

pixi double cleanse

Looking for a lift to your sometimes-boring PM routine? We have a two-in-one product that is a game changer. Pixie by Petra + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse is divided in half, where one side includes a solid cleansing oil and the other a cleansing cream.

This is one of those brand-new beauty finds at Target. It’s Karen-approved considering she has been using it as part of her skincare routine and doesn’t plan to swap anytime soon.

Karen finds it gentle and very effective without leaving behind residues as sometimes makeup removers do. The cleansing oil dissolves her makeup, sunscreen, and even tackles waterproof eyeliner and mascara. The cleansing cream also does the job – cleans and nourishes. No skin tightness in sight.

Another plus of this 2-in-1 wonder is the lack of fragrance. Not only is it convenient for everyday use and traveling, also a small amount goes a long way. It sure helps that the formula is enriched with a wide range of skin-loving ingredients.

The solid cleansing oil contains vitamin E that protects and conditions, camellia oil which offers great nourishment, and evening primrose oil which heals and moisturizes. Regarding the cleansing cream, its composition includes vitamin C which promotes collagen production, a peptide complex to plump and relax lines, and arginine that improves cell renewal and skin elasticity.

The first step to include it in your PM regime is understanding what each product does. The solid cleansing oil removes all traces of makeup and sunscreen while the cleansing cream preps your skin for the next steps in your beauty routine.

As with all products, the effects are more visible after some use. Just apply a coin-sized amount of oil onto dry skin, massage and remove with a moist facecloth. Do the same for the cleansing cream. There, you’re all done. Sweet dreams!

Editor:  Maria Ines Raposo


NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette


Today’s post is all about definition. After some time spent in front of the mirror, we all know that some facial features are more flattering that others. With NYX Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, you’ll be able to highlight and contour your way to the perfect look by customizing shades.

These sets are beginner-friendly and great to accentuate our best features and minimize those we don’t like that much. Your make-up will appear much more dimensional with the help of this product and a few tools, namely a contouring and a highlight fan brush. Feel free to finish with your favorite blush.

NYX Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette is refillable and performs as good as high-end brands, having an amazing quality-price ratio that will make you brag about it repeatedly.

For this review, we used light colors to highlight above the chin, forehead, and nose bringing the center of the face forward. Darker colors were used to darken around the nose, cheeks, hairline, and jawbone.

Since each of us has unique facial features, we have a few tricks under the sleeve. Lauren, who prefers to narrow her nose, decided to sweep contour down each side of it. As for Karen, she likes to create a jawline by placing contour color under the neck.

Both of us found it blends easily and, with such a good range of color options, it’s versatile enough for most skin types. Now, it’s up to you to aim for the stars or, at least, for a good value set that will make you look like a star.

Editor:  Maria Ines Raposo