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New Year’s Eve is the one night out of the year that we like to push the envelope, or try a new fashion trend.  Whether it be on our wardrobe, hair, makeup or nails, stepping out of the comfort zone is always fun.  The motto “Go Big or Go Home” surely fits what the evening stands for.   We have compiled a bunch of links for inspiration on getting your prettiest hairstyle and stand-out nails for the big night! 

 Photo Credit:  Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar

Photo Credit: Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar


Holiday Hair Trends 2014/ The Best Party Hairstyles

The Best Braids of 2014

Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve 2015/ Hair Fashion 

New Year’s Eve Party Hair and Make-up Inspiration

 The Best Holiday Nail Polishes 

The Foil Manicure 

Holiday Nail Inspiration From Instagram


Photo Credit: Makeup Box


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