July Lifestyle Favorites!

We are sharing our current July lifestyle favorites in clothes, accessories, and home goods!!

In the political and cultural world of 2018, it’s hard to define the value of Fashion Month and its role in the “bigger picture.” The idea that four weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris are supposed to influence the closets of those who have never even been to any of those cities feels disconnected, to say the least. Why should “non-fashion people” care about productions that flaunt wealth and exclusivity? Why are we looking at clothes that don’t come out for another six months? What is the return on investment for designers and their hundred-thousand-dollar runway shows? Why is September still considered “the January of fashion?” But despite the fact that every month feels like https://matchinggear.com with endless capsule collections, pop-ups, and other one-offs, the spring 2019 season ultimately proved to be rich with timely, resonant discussions and heady, much-needed escape.


As a stylist, I spend a lot of time shopping and styling clothing. Even when I’m not looking at clothing, I’m probably thinking about it. And one of my favorite fashion pastimes is trend forecasting. Though 2018 was filled to the brim with iconic fashion moments—the return of the bike short, the revival of tropical prints, the resurgence of 1980s silhouettes—we’re bidding the last 12 months adieu very, very soon. We’ve wrapped up gift-giving season, and we’ve planned iconic New Year’s Eve parties (and get-ups); all that’s left for us to do is look forward to a new year—and all the undoubtedly iconic 2018 fashion trends that await us.



BonBon Perfume HERE 
Pink Tassel Drop Earrings HERE 
Turquoise Tassel Drop Earrings HERE 
Taupe Espadrille Wedge Sandals HERE 
Jersey Knit Swing Dress HERE 
Boho Tassel Swing Dress in Black Floral Print HERE 
Light Distressed Mid-Rise Jeans HERE 
Light Distressed Triangle Frayed Jeans HERE 
Light Distressed High Rise Uneven Hem Jeans HERE 
Sweet Grace Candle (large jar) HERE 
Sweet Grace Candle (small jar) HERE


Fall Cleaning Products HERE  
Shirt HERE  
Cookbook  HERE 
Dress  HERE 
Mules HERE  
Clean Food Crush 


July Lifestyle Favorites 2018- 2 Orchids YouTube HERE

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