Himalayan Salt Lamp & Pink Salt Kit


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Summer days ask for nature details around the house. Take the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains inside with a salt lamp made from the purest salt on Earth.  The salt lamps offer tranquility and a natural look to any space, with a light that is soft and soothing.

Himalayan salt lamps help manage anxiety and have calming and relaxing proprieties. After some use, you’ll sleep better and wake up in a better mood, with improved concentration and higher energy levels.

This hand-carved piece purifies the air and releases the health benefits of negative ions, by turning into a natural negative ion generator. As the heat warms up the salt, negative ions are released into the air, resulting in health boosting effects.

Salt lamps treat seasonal affective disorder, reduce allergy or asthma symptoms, and ease coughs. They are also known to reduce static electricity in the air, cleaning and deodorizing it, and neutralize traces of electromagnetic radiation.

With a composition that includes real Himalayan salt crystals, this environmentally-friendly lamp delivers a pleasing, attractive, and warm light.  The lovely glow is suitable for any room, home, or office. We suggest you do a little research before choosing your salt lamp and yes you might feel like your back in science class!

The Himalayan Glow Salt Crystal Lamp will freshen your space and your mind. Remember how after a day spent in the wild we feel mentally and physically refreshed? Wait no more and bring that feeling home with a salt lamp.


Himalayan Pink Salt With Grater

Impress your friends at your next dinner party! This salt kit from Karen’s FabFitFun box comes with a grater, wood stand, and a block of Himalayan Pink Salt.  Karen uses it to finish all her best dishes from fresh tomatoes to steak.  It’s perfect for your favorite summer salad!


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