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essential oilsessential oils

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dōTERRA®, which means “Gifts of the Earth”, is a wellness advocate that offers Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, which are 100% pure and natural. These oils are delicately extracted from plants grown in ideal environments, which contain no fillers or artificial ingredients and are chemical free. The advice given by essential oil guides at shows the different ways in which Essential Oils are an alternative way of natural healing. With too many oils to mention (over 50 single and blended oils), we have listed some information on a few oils that are top sellers and the common ailments they would be used for. dōTERRA® not only offers Essential Oils, but a wide variety of other wellness products. We spent an afternoon with Vicky McLellan, an Independent Wellness Advocate for the company, who let us sample many of the oils.  Vicky offers a weekly wellness class in the Pittsburgh area, where she shares the many benefits of using essential oils. For more information on all the products offered by dōTERRA® you may visit their website at McLellan or contact Vicky for a consultation via her Facebook page at liveloveessentialoils!


Essential oils are great and so is hemp oil. Hemp oil has many proven health benefits. Buy CBD Products online today.

Essential Oil Singles:


-To Calm or Relax, Eases muscle tension in the head or neck

-Soothes Skin Irritation such as Eczema, Burns, Bruises, Cuts, Poison Ivy


– Internal Cleanser

– Cleaning dishes/Laundry, Disinfecting, Cough, Gallbladder & Kidney Stones, Gum Removal, Hangover, Sore Throat


-Promotes Oral and Respiratory Health

-Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Congestion, Diarrhea, Fever, Heartburn, Joint & Lower back pain, Poor Concentration, Tension Headache

Essesntial Oil Blends:


-Aids in digestion of foods

-Maintains healthy gastrointestinal tract

– Soothes upset stomach


-Eases muscle tension in head and neck

-Helps reduce stress and anxiety

essential oils

Beauty Tips:


-1 drop in a bowl of water will clean your make-up brushes


-Often called the “King of Oils”

-Helps with cellular repair, reduces acne, and protects skin cells


-Place in lip gloss to plump lips


-A drop in mascara will strengthen, lengthen, and condition lashes

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