Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow & Fiber Lash

Cherry Blooms

Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow & Fiber Lash

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Cherry Blooms

If you never dreamed about well-defined eyebrows and luscious eyelashes feel free to skip this review. For the rest of us common mortals, Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow & Fiber Lash might well be a dream come true.

Let’s start with the brows. The package includes three stencils in natural, thin, and thick shapes. We tried two colors: Mocha (blonde to light brown hair) and Cappuccino Brown (medium to dark hair).

Makeup beginners will find this a great choice because it is so easy to apply. Just place the stencil and hold it with one hand while using the other to brush powder over your brow. Repeat on the other side.

We found it easier to use before putting on mascara, but it works both ways. If you are feeling creative/adventurous use it without the stencil; Lauren went free-hand and the result was still impressing.

We went for even and filled eyebrows and got just that. The formula, enriched with semi-permanent fibers and mineral powder, is ideal for anyone with growth, density, and eyebrow shape issues. Fibers will cling to existing hairs (even thin and scarce) making your eyebrows look fuller. Our gaze was transformed in seconds with just a few swipes.

Built to be sweat-resistant and splash-proof, the product lasts for long. We couldn’t find any fallout traces. Unbelievingly, it gets even better since not only it doesn’t absorb into the skin but you can easily remove it after a full day of astonishing brows.

Enough said about the brows, time to look at the lashes.

Forget expensive eyelash extensions, this product does it for you in three simple steps. The final look is longer and thicker lashes but still natural and lightweight. For a more dramatic effect just build it up.

Our set of luscious lashes was obtained using natural black. Zero clumps and flakes, only a few fibers falling during the application process – nothing you can’t solve with the swipe of a brush.

The formula includes high-quality beeswax to keep your lashes hydrated and stimulate hair growth. Imagine your normal eyelash, now picture it with 600% more volume and in 3D. Yes, it made us blink twice as well!

Editor:  Maria Ines Raposo

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