Are you obsessed with Amazon?  Here is our shopping list of some of the best purchases we’ve made from Amazon in 2018!  


Coffee HERE 
Echo Dot HERE 
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False Lashes HERE 
Stainless Steel Straws HERE 
Pop Sockets HERE 
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Reusable K Cups HERE 
Destroyed Cut Out Ankle Jeans HERE 
Mid Rise Skinny Jeans HERE 
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High Rise Ruffle Hem Bootcut HERE 
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Kraft Bags HERE 

Amazon Favorites + Review 2018-2 Orchids YouTube HERE

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Bathroom items: Fragrance samples, cotton rounds, and dental picks.

Kitchen Items: Popcorn, chocolate, and almonds.


Office items: rubber bands, binder clips, and Post-it notes.


Elevate the look by placing the jars on a gorgeous tray.


If you have a candle obsession like we do, then we’re guessing you’ve got plenty of empty jars laying around the house.  Maybe you’ve been saving the jars because they are so pretty and were expensive? With a few simple steps, it’s easy to reuse those jars and create a fun storage solution for the kitchen, bathroom, and home office! 

To remove the leftover wax, start by placing the candle jar in hot water.  Fill the kitchen sink with enough water that at least half of the jar is submerged but not spilling into the jar.  Once the wax is melted, remove with kitchen utensil (ex: knife), then clean. You may also place the jar in the freezer for a few hours.  Again, using a kitchen knife, pop out the remaining wax and then clean the jar.  These are both great ways to loosen up any residue!

To glam up our jars, we added cabinet knobs that we picked up from T.J. Maxx Homegoods.  For under ten dollars we personalized them by adding bling to the lids!  All you need is craft glue and a glue gun to attach the knobs, which you can find at any craft store. Now for the fun part…Organizing!  The ideas are endless of the items that you can use to fill the jars.  Simply choose your favorite things/supplies and you’ve got a colorful and organized display of containers!


Watch how we turn our empty candle jars into useful home decor with a few simple steps HERE!

Molton Brown

Get Molton Brown London Reed Diffuser in Coco & Sandalwood HERE

Molton Brown

Molton Brown

Aroma reed diffusers are the ideal addition to any home, whatever ambiance you wish to create. Today we will analyze Molton Brown London Reed Diffuser, which we can summarize with our own three Rs: reliable, refined, relaxing.

We ventured with the Coco & Sandalwood scent, with notes of Filipino coconut, jasmine, and sandalwood. This high-grade fragrance blend will subtly perfume your space for up to four months. Keep in mind that we can set the mood and create ambiance in our home by the fragrance we choose.

The strength of the scent is impressive, so much that you can smell it as soon as you walk through the front door. That feeling of serenity and peacefulness of a pleasant morning on a Filipino beach will make you double check your address, just to be sure you are not laying on the sand between palm trees.

We use it to radiate our favorite fragrance throughout our home. Sophisticated and long-lasting, it’s the perfect accent for any space. It’s also very easy to use: you can vary the fragrance intensity by using fewer reeds.

This diffuser provides a worry-free fragrance since it’s a great alternative to candles that you need to keep away from heat sources, sparks, or open flames. The sophisticated shape of the container will compliment any décor.

Embrace the mood of a peaceful morning with the layered fragrances of this exquisite diffuser. Dare to take one home and let it do its magic by setting the ambiance we all long for.

Your 2 Orchids have so much fun when it comes to seasonal or holiday tablescapes! It’s our excuse to be a little (sometimes a lot, we confess) creative. Who can blame us? Every holiday or special event gives us the opportunity to change settings and test different ideas.

Take it from us: when shopping, look for flexible items that you can re-purpose or incorporate into any occasion. Just in case! The secret is to think of your table as a blank canvas, but – and this is the best advice we can give – have a color palette in mind of what you want to use. For example, on both of our tablescapes, we went for something we could easily transition from Fall/Thanksgiving right into Holiday/Christmas.

The pieces we used have texture, versatility, and colors that represent each theme. As you can see from the photos, we used the same table runner and the same stands for both tablescapes. It’s all about re-purposing.

It helps if you find the wow factor for the event. Still, most of the work will be trial and error.  For instance, swap the pumpkins for Christmas trees, harvest fillers for Christmas bulbs. Keep in mind that items like pine cones can work for both holidays.

No need to worry about big budgets either. It can be as easy as finding accessories from around your home that will reflect the theme you are trying to create. Think decor items, leaves, branches, and pine cones from your yard. The Dollar Store is another perfect option where you can get a lot of bang for your buck without breaking the bank.

Candles are always a nice detail since they add that subtle touch that turns a house into a home. Just remember if you are serving dinner you may want to light unscented candles to avoid interfering with the aroma of the delicious meal you prepared.

Links For Fall/Thanksgiving Products:





Links For Christmas Products:




Creating A Festive Fall/Thanksgiving Tablescape

Creating A Festive Holiday/Christmas Tablescape




Yes, these boots were made for walking! Truth be told, after some miles every pair earns its rest. That’s why we are changing it to some boots were made for decorating! Our next DIY project is about taking a pair of cowboy boots and transforming it into a killer centerpiece.

We can’t think of a cuter centerpiece for a number reasons – not that you need one! Amongst our favorite themes are: Wedding Day, Rustic or Country Wedding Theme, Outdoor Barbecue, Graduation Party, Picnic, and more.

If you are always looking for ways to add a little country cowgirl touch in anything you do, this simple project does the trick. Just grab your favorite pair of cowboy boots and stuff with some filler such as paper or craft foam.

Add fresh or faux flowers that represent any season or event and make something to click your heels on about. For extra customization, accessorize with bandanas, bales of hay and a few horseshoes.

The boot centerpiece in the picture was made from scratch for Lauren’s niece’s graduation party, which was an outdoor barbecue-themed party, as you might remember from our previous post. We used Sunflowers in all colors, shapes, and sizes mixed with greenery and Cattails we arranged inside the boots.

We then sprayed mason jars with gold glitter spray paint and rolled with extra glitter for more sparkle. You can set the glitter by spraying with hairspray. Remember: there is nothing as too much sparkle!

For our centerpiece, we also added faux flowers and some burlap, although jute also works for the ties. These type of accessories are also great when used for fall decor. If you find yourself stumped for ideas, head over to Pinterest for more inspiration.

Time to grab your boots and start preparing your next centerpiece. Don’t worry if don’t have a special occasion around the corner, no one needs and excuses to show off an original DIY decoration project.