BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush


BlendSMART / BlendSMART2 Rotating Universal Foundation Brush Starter Set

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It’s okay to be a little skeptical about spinning brushes. We were on that boat before testing BlendSMART and BlendSMART2 Rotating Foundation Brush Starter Set.  How much of a difference could make? A lot, as it turned out. Let’s take a closer look.

Although there are other BlendSmart brushes that we are excited to try, we decided to focus solely on the universal foundation brush starter set for today’s post. We are talking about an all-in-one, rotating foundation makeup brush that is battery operated and very lightweight. The brush itself easily pops out for cleaning and is interchangeable with the other brush heads they offer for different applications ( powder, blush, definer, etc.).

Karen applied using prep and prime skin foundation, using way less product than normal. She also got a flawless finish using the brush with her IT Cosmetics concealer and PUR contour stick. As for Lauren, she was pleasantly surprised about how much less makeup was needed to achieve that nice medium to full coverage and that airbrushed finish she loves so much.

At first, it may take some time to get used to but soon enough your other makeup brushes will end up being pushed aside. The results are wonderful; we are loving this new method of application that helps us save time and feels like having a professional makeup artist on the tip of our fingers.

If you struggle with blending your makeup, this tool is the right choice because the makeup blends like a dream. We also like that all brush heads are made with soft antimicrobial fibers and are cruelty-free.

Before we go, we would like to thank our friend Totally Tikaa, (blogger, Snapchat, and Instagram guru) for recommending the 2 Orchids to BlendSmart.  Also, a big thank you to BlendSmart who gifted each of us this wonderful device.  What fun we are having! They were kind enough to spread the love, by providing us with a coupon code to share with all of you!


This is NOT a paid review, nor do we receive a commission by using the coupon code.

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