It’s not often that we think about what ingredients are put in our beauty products. Each day as we go about our beauty routine, hundreds of chemicals are being worked and absorbed into our skin, but are they safe?  Thanks to Bahar, a BEAUTYCOUNTER Consultant, it was brought to our attention that BEAUTYCOUNTER offers safe and effective products that will allow us to receive all the benefits of a good luxury skincare line without harmful ingredients.   They take pride in selecting the best ingredients and educating women about the content in the skincare and makeup. After each receiving a sample pack of their collections, The Face and Countertime Collections, we were impressed with quality and performance of the products. We felt assured that we can still fight the signs of aging but with natural and safe ingredients in the products.  The BEAUTY COUNTER  product line extends well beyond skincare to cosmetics, sunscreen and even haircare. 


“The average woman uses 12 beauty products in the morning, which add up to hundreds of chemicals every single day”

“Many of these ingredients are potentially harmful”


Beautycounter Countertime

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This is not a paid advertisement, all samples were given for testing and review.

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