Beach Bound: Bag Essentials


It’s about time to start thinking of having fun in the sun!  Spring break for some of you may have already begun, or you’re anticipating your summer vacation filled with palm trees, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches.  There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach.  Below are some of our favorite beach bag items, to help ensure our day at the beach will be a pleasurable experience. When purchasing a new beach bag, think about one that is lined for easy cleaning.   What’s in your bag?

photo (84)

A large soft beach towel, or two, as we like to use one as a pillow.

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Sunblock for face, lips, body, and hair.  The Beauty Protector will protect your hair against UV rays and heat.  Because saltwater can be damaging to your hair, a leave in conditioner can also be helpful.

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To protect your face and eyes, it is imperative to pack a wide brimmed hat, straw hat, baseball cap, etc. and sunglasses that provide UV protection.

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A cover up or t-shirt, along with sandals or flip flops.

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Reading material such as a Nook, Kindle, books or magazines, and a waterproof makeup bag.

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A water bottle to stay hydrated along with simple foods for snacking.  The Skinnygirl Sparklers are very refreshing and come in tropical flavors such as Pineapple Coconut and Tangerine Mango. They also taste great when used as a mixer with vodka for the perfect beach cocktail!

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Most of us can access iTunes via our smartphones to keep our favorite songs playing throughout the day.  What would a day at the beach be without listening to your favorite music downloads or hearing some Caribbean tunes featuring the steel drums?



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