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Our climate consists of season changes which can sometimes wreak havoc on our skin. Now that colder temperatures are upon us, it dries out our complexion leaving it looking dull. Today we tackle a product that does a great job providing that instant natural glow to our skin.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer & Highlighter is the kind of “pick me up” we all need this time of year. With a lightweight and hydrating water-based formula, this duo evens out skin-tone and fades dark spots as it conceals flaws to instantly brighten your skin.

Karen uses Glow (Sheer Hue) under her foundation above her cupid’s bow and Lauren uses Rose (Rose Hue). We both like to dab a small amount above our cheekbones for an instant highlight. We love that this product does both prime and highlight which is a real time-saver.

We feel the Amazing Concealer Illuminate provides a bit too much shine under our eyes, but we do love to dab a small amount on in the inner corner of our eye. So we call this a triple threat: wear alone for a sheer glow, use as a base to extend your concealer and foundation or as a highlighter for extra definition. Time to shine!


Japonesque Conditioning Makeup Brush & Sponge Shampoo with Argan Oil HERE


We like to keep our makeup brushes in tip top shape just like the pros do! Luckily, Japonesque’s brush shampoo will cleanse both makeup brushes and beauty blenders too.  It works on all types of brush hair, including synthetic while helping to extend the longevity of your tools. You can use this freshly scented foaming formula once a week or as needed to remove makeup remains on brush hairs and sponges.

With a formula rich in conditioning ingredients such as Again oil your brushes and sponges will be revived and conditioned without any trace of oily residues. The product is quite gentle, but it does its job well and has a great scent. Your tools will be squeaky clean!

This affordable drugstore brush cleaner is also easy to use: simply dampen your brush or sponge with warm water and squeeze a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Using circular motions, swirl each brush or sponge onto the palm of your hand, creating a light lather. Continue until the foam has lifted away makeup and brush or sponge appears clean.

To finish, rinse and mildly squeeze out any excess water. Dry with the help of Terry cloth or paper towel, reshape the bristles and lay it flat to dry. Drying time will vary depending on the brush type and thickness or size of sponge, it will dry soon enough.

Please be sure that you brush or sponge is completely dry before using it again. You see how well it performs after all build up is removed and cleaned. Do this routine weekly for healthy, long-lasting, and happy tools!

Let us take you on an Arabian journey!  With Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, everyone can get the Arabian looks (several looks, actually) without the jet-lag!

This eyeshadow palette comes with 18 shades in four unique textures: one dazzling glitter, eight creamy mattes, six shimmering pearl shades, and three duo-chrome toppers. It looks very nice with Sugar Lash Pro lashes.

To get you started with possible combinations, the brand suggests that you use Duo Chrome Topper eyeshadows with a brush to blend the light into the base shadow, or dab onto the lid to maximize shine. You can also, use the glitter eyeshadow all over the eye using a flat brush with stiff bristles, or use as a glitter liner with a liner brush.

We found the colors in this new palette stunning beyond words. The texture of the eyeshadows makes this easy to work with and easy to create numerous looks. Shout out for the Duo Chrome and Glitter shadow that makes this palette a stand-out!

The overall packaging is sleek and sturdy. Honestly, it’s even better than what we expected. It’s always impressive to realize that brands develop their products by paying attention to detail and listening to customer feedback. You see, unlike the first palette, Rose Gold Edition, a mirror is now included on the packaging.

This richly toned palette is worth the money because of two factors: quality and versatility. Keep in mind that it comes in shades that can be layered in countless ways so you can create a wide range of looks with a single palette.

Whether you like subtle or statement eyeshadow applications, this set by Huda Beauty will be a reliable ally!


Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette Here



Molton Brown

Get Molton Brown London Reed Diffuser in Coco & Sandalwood HERE

Molton Brown

Molton Brown

Aroma reed diffusers are the ideal addition to any home, whatever ambiance you wish to create. Today we will analyze Molton Brown London Reed Diffuser, which we can summarize with our own three Rs: reliable, refined, relaxing.

We ventured with the Coco & Sandalwood scent, with notes of Filipino coconut, jasmine, and sandalwood. This high-grade fragrance blend will subtly perfume your space for up to four months. Keep in mind that we can set the mood and create ambiance in our home by the fragrance we choose.

The strength of the scent is impressive, so much that you can smell it as soon as you walk through the front door. That feeling of serenity and peacefulness of a pleasant morning on a Filipino beach will make you double check your address, just to be sure you are not laying on the sand between palm trees.

We use it to radiate our favorite fragrance throughout our home. Sophisticated and long-lasting, it’s the perfect accent for any space. It’s also very easy to use: you can vary the fragrance intensity by using fewer reeds.

This diffuser provides a worry-free fragrance since it’s a great alternative to candles that you need to keep away from heat sources, sparks, or open flames. The sophisticated shape of the container will compliment any décor.

Embrace the mood of a peaceful morning with the layered fragrances of this exquisite diffuser. Dare to take one home and let it do its magic by setting the ambiance we all long for.