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No vacation this year? No problem! Tarte’s Better Bod Bronze & Contour + Mitt allows you to fake that just-got-back-from-vacation tan in an instant. It’s waterproof, vegan and packed with skin-loving ingredients.

This Tarte Bronzer does not disappoint, it leaves a beautiful natural glowing matte finish and makes our skin look smooth and perfected. Got some skin hick-ups? It covers blemishes and imperfections so well that it almost feels like body makeup.

Enriched with an exclusive blurring technology, the formula fades across our skin, smoothing and contouring as it goes. It barely leaves any trace of annoying imperfections like cellulite, varicose veins, and other marks.

You may be familiar with some self-tanner bad karma: that streaky finish that some products have. There’s no reason to worry about that with this bronzer. You can even use it to blend out any boo boos you’ve made from other self-tanners.

The application is easy using the mitt, and the product goes on evenly. The color is a nice brown with no signs of orange. Extra points for the pleasant fragrance! With a creamy full coverage, it keeps lightweight and doesn’t wear off throughout the day. For a change, dare to mix it with your makeup for contouring.

Just shake it well before applying it to your body, then squeeze it onto the mitt. Apply in long strokes, adding more when needed. Blend until your delivered color is achieved and wait at least 30 seconds before dressing. To take it off, simply wash with soap and water.

For the bronzer fanatics among our readers, this is a must-have, as we know it will be your Holy Grail item too. If you just can’t get enough bronzers, try Tarte Brazillance Plus Self Tanner as well.

Summertime screams for tanned skin but there no shame in rocking the sun kissed glow all year. Fill your stock now, after all a little bronzer will be very helpful to fight the winter blues!


Tommy Bahama Maritime Eau de Cologne Spray

Summer is here and with it comes that craving for fresh, classic fragrances that send us right to the heart of the ocean. Both men and women know what we mean. So today, in a not-so-common subject, we will tackle cologne.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that usually, we don’t write about fragrances for men. Well, today’s blog post was born from what we call a 2 Orchids coincidence: both Karen and I were deciding between amazing colognes and we ended up selecting the same cologne for our husband’s without knowing. It’s rare enough to deserve special attention.

With the abundance of fragrances to choose from for men, we find it funny that both our sniffers, would seek out this appealing fragrance: Tommy Bahama Maritime Cologne. Notes reminiscent to the sea air put this fragrance in a class of its own.

Initially, Lauren was looking for something like Cool Water by Davidoff that would have a clean fresh scent and would be suitable for everyday use. But she was drawn to Maritime at first whiff.

A summer classic, this cologne has top notes of citrusy bergamot, sweet lavender, fresh pink pepper, and clary sage, followed by a floral bouquet of water lily, jasmine, violet leaf, geranium, and ambergris. To round it up: cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, and moss, for a long-lasting scent. It dries down to a soft cashmere.

We thought this was the perfect summertime fragrance which reminds our husbands of a day at the beach. Do we dare to brainstorm on how good they smell wearing it? Sexy, fun, fresh, energetic, powerful, and the list goes on. Is it obvious now that we can’t stop drooling over this cologne?


BlendSMART / BlendSMART2 Rotating Universal Foundation Brush Starter Set

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It’s okay to be a little skeptical about spinning brushes. We were on that boat before testing BlendSMART and BlendSMART2 Rotating Foundation Brush Starter Set.  How much of a difference could make? A lot, as it turned out. Let’s take a closer look.

Although there are other BlendSmart brushes that we are excited to try, we decided to focus solely on the universal foundation brush starter set for today’s post. We are talking about an all-in-one, rotating foundation makeup brush that is battery operated and very lightweight. The brush itself easily pops out for cleaning and is interchangeable with the other brush heads they offer for different applications ( powder, blush, definer, etc.).

Karen applied using prep and prime skin foundation, using way less product than normal. She also got a flawless finish using the brush with her IT Cosmetics concealer and PUR contour stick. As for Lauren, she was pleasantly surprised about how much less makeup was needed to achieve that nice medium to full coverage and that airbrushed finish she loves so much.

At first, it may take some time to get used to but soon enough your other makeup brushes will end up being pushed aside. The results are wonderful; we are loving this new method of application that helps us save time and feels like having a professional makeup artist on the tip of our fingers.

If you struggle with blending your makeup, this tool is the right choice because the makeup blends like a dream. We also like that all brush heads are made with soft antimicrobial fibers and are cruelty-free.

Before we go, we would like to thank our friend Totally Tikaa, (blogger, Snapchat, and Instagram guru) for recommending the 2 Orchids to BlendSmart.  Also, a big thank you to BlendSmart who gifted each of us this wonderful device.  What fun we are having! They were kind enough to spread the love, by providing us with a coupon code to share with all of you!


This is NOT a paid review, nor do we receive a commission by using the coupon code.


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Summer days ask for nature details around the house. Take the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains inside with a salt lamp made from the purest salt on Earth.  The salt lamps offer tranquility and a natural look to any space, with a light that is soft and soothing.

Himalayan salt lamps help manage anxiety and have calming and relaxing proprieties. After some use, you’ll sleep better and wake up in a better mood, with improved concentration and higher energy levels. For more solutions to relieve anxiety, click here now.

This hand-carved piece purifies the air and releases the health benefits of negative ions, by turning into a natural negative ion generator. As the heat warms up the salt, negative ions are released into the air, resulting in health boosting effects.

Salt lamps treat seasonal affective disorder, reduce allergy or asthma symptoms, and ease coughs. They are also known to reduce static electricity in the air, cleaning and deodorizing it, and neutralize traces of electromagnetic radiation.

With a composition that includes real Himalayan salt crystals, this environmentally-friendly lamp delivers a pleasing, attractive, and warm light.  The lovely glow is suitable for any room, home, or office. We suggest you do a little research before choosing your salt lamp and yes you might feel like your back in science class!

The Himalayan Glow Salt Crystal Lamp will freshen your space and your mind. Remember how after a day spent in the wild we feel mentally and physically refreshed? Wait no more and bring that feeling home with a salt lamp.


Himalayan Pink Salt With Grater

Impress your friends at your next dinner party! This salt kit from Karen’s FabFitFun box comes with a grater, wood stand, and a block of Himalayan Pink Salt.  Karen uses it to finish all her best dishes from fresh tomatoes to steak.  It’s perfect for your favorite summer salad!