When it comes to choosing eyeliner, there is certainly no shortage of options in form, function or price point.  From discount drug store brands all the way to premium department store offerings we have found that eyeliners can perform well at any point on the pricing spectrum.  Really, it’s the eye makeup look we are going for that determines the type of liner we use.  Precisely drawing a perfect eyeliner wing to create the “Cat Eye” look calls for a pen/marker style tip to deliver the control needed to vary line thickness. For everyday use, simple kohl eyeliner pencils are available in a wide variety of colors, but usually require the inconvenience of a separate sharpener.  If, like us, you enjoy a bit of convenience in your makeup routine, MAC Cosmetics Fluidline eye pencil provides a high coverage, gel like formula that remains perpetually sharp. In fact, several other cosmetic companies have launched their versions of liners that require no sharpener.  Just twist, apply and go! Here is the list of liners we are presently using, all if which have staying power and can transform eyes into many different looks.
PicMonkey Collage-mac

photo (505)

photo (508)

photo (512)


If you follow our blog and watch our YouTube videos, you will know that we are lipstick junkies!  We decided to turn up the heat this summer and give them something to talk about.  Here are a few samples of smoking hot hues we are loving right now!

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cryus (amplified)

photo (504)

MAC Saint Germaine (amplified)

photo (500)

MAC Pink Plaid (matte)

photo (501)

MAC Full Fuchsia (amplified)

photo (502)

MAC Steam Heat-Rouge A Levres (satin)

photo (503)