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It is January in Ohio! Trust us, nothing glows in Ohio in January with the exception of our red noses from the frigid cold temperatures. When the opportunity to review Thermalabs Self-Tanning Towelettes crossed our desk, we jumped! This product says it will provide healthy, natural- looking, glowing skin.  For the record, the 2 Orchids always strive to offer you objective, unbiased reviews of the products we feature on our blog.  In that spirit, we are not compensated to promote any particular brand.  With that said, this review will come solely from Lauren as Karen, who just returned from a fabulous island vacation,  is already glowing! 

The box we received includes 20 individually wrapped, self tanning towelettes, which claim to give a quick, natural, even and streak-free tan in less than four hours. The recommendations prior to using are to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, without shaving or removing hair, 24 hours prior to use. The directions simply state to unfold and apply a towelette over the body as needed; using sparingly on ankles, knees, and elbows.  Then wait 10 minutes before getting dressed.  Wash hands immediately to avoid staining.  

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I followed the directions to the tee! I noticed I was running low on exfoliating body scrub so I grabbed a good old box of baking soda right from the refrigerator. It worked great.  After towel drying from the shower, I unfolded a towelette and started applying in a circular motion.  The first thing I noticed is that there is absolutely no odor.  I was very surprised, because most self-tanners have some scent to them. I did use two towelettes, one for my legs, and another for my upper body. The first towelette seemed to dry out after the application on the legs.  I was amazed how quickly the application dried. It definitely was less than ten minutes, however, I did wait the full suggested ten minutes before getting dressed just to be safe.  The tanner went on easily and smoothly, with no stickiness.  As the day went on, I saw no hint of orange color at all; just a nice, streak-free, natural glow.  I applied the tanner for five consecutive days to deepen my tan, and was actually able to achieve the perfect shade. But, If desired, you could re-apply after just 4 hours to speed up the effect. Though I wanted to lightly apply it to my hands so everything would blend nicely, I learned that because it’s necessary to wash immediately to prevent staining on your palms, the product never had time to develop on the top of my hands. With that said, I recommend using latex gloves as it is almost impossible to apply the towelette with a mitt (problem solved with the hands).  With the busy lifestyle we lead today, this quick and awesome tanning product allows us to achieve that perfect safe tan anytime, anywhere!

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The start of a new year each January is a great jumping off point for a fresh start at getting organized. Tops on our organization list is replacing last year’s calendar with a crisp, new version. We looked for inspiration from Georgianna Lane’s compelling collection of floral, garden, and travel photographs as seen on Etsy.  After sifting through her many breath taking images, we settled upon a photo calendar filled with individual pages of beautiful prints of her travels through Paris.  A small easel which graces the top of our desk is a clever and fitting display for this functional art.  Alternatively, you could frame and hang your prints as art inside your home or office, or use them to create an inspiration board.  A custom calendar is also a great gift giving idea, as each calendar comes gift wrapped in a resealable sleeve for storing and preserving your prints for the upcoming months.  Our Paris calendar is a wonderful reminder of how much we also want to visit The City of Lights!  What a powerful way to keep your dreams in sight every day!

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