Fool your family into thinking they are eating a fried rice dish with quinoa vegetable stir fry! We found that the pickiest eaters in each of our families could not tell the difference and even went back for more! Our new found love for quinoa is leading us to scour our favorite social media sites for new ways to experiment and dress up this healthy grain. This tasty dish with an Asian flare is a healthy dupe on your typical vegetable fried rice.  Cut down your preparation time by simply cooking the quinoa and cutting up the vegetables in advance. Prepare as a side dish or serve with egg rolls and you have a complete meal. Delish!!

 Recipe: Quinoa Fried Rice


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quin 3

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Play, Create, and Fall in Love! Hopefully you’re listening because we’re doing the talking. And it’s all about these NYX Brilliant Eye Shadow Palettes! These two palettes from the Love in Paris collection immediately grabbed our attention, all named after a catchy French phrase or reference.  Wow, with so many gorgeous colors and palettes to choose from, the ability to showcase different looks is nearly endless!  Pssst…for longer staying power, we applied an eye shadow primer before application!

From Left: MON CHERIE-Shimmery & matte plum, green, gold, cream, indigo and browns. LET THEM EAT CAKE– Shimmery & matte pinks, brown, and beiges

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