One of the perks of living in our charming hometown is experiencing the delightful breakfast and lunch offerings of The Cafe at Wittenauer’s.  It’s darn near impossible to choose between their tempting pastries, incredible breakfast sandwiches, or their oven baked oatmeal with fresh seasonal fruit. (The baked oatmeal might be our favorite. We’re thinking we may have to try them all a few more times before we decide)! The equally intoxicating lunch menu offers unique salads, daily soups, yummy “sammies”, and crusty Panini’s.  Seriously, we simply cannot get enough of the to-die-for Hum-Yum Panini, with a side of fresh homemade applesauce! If you’re in or around Poland, Ohio, The Cafe at Wittenauer’s is a must do! 

Hum-Yum Panini

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pastries 2

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti 


Cinnamon Swirl Muffin

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Blueberry Scone

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 Oven Baked Oatmeal

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 White Wedding Cupcake

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Midnight fleur 3


On one of our recent shopping excursions to our favorite boutique ,we both couldn’t help but to be drawn to the Nest display (btw…our favorite candles)! The elegant packaging and unique fragrances, which Nest is known for, intrigued us to sample the Midnight Fleur Eau De Parfum.  The notes of exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, night-blooming jasmine and vanilla orchid( the secret ingredient) which we love, makes for the ultimate sexy scent.  Unfortunately for us they were out of the Midnight Fleur Eau De Parfum, but we were lucky enough to each nab the last two Midnight Fleur Rollerballs on the shelf.  We now have another fabulous accessory to throw in our bag to feel sensuous on a moment’s notice!   

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  Take a stroll through our beautiful historic hometown.

The town hall gazebo hosts many summer night concerts and Holiday events.

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The Village Town Hall

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A view of Yellow Creek which winds through the Village and woods.

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 photo (132)

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One of our favorite residences in the village is this restored historical home where President McKinley is said to have announced his decision to run for Governor in the late 1800’s.

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The Public Library is one of only 80 public libraries in the U.S. and Canada.

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The Inn at the Green Bed and Breakfast dates back to 1876, with architecture that reveals all the classic charm of an early century home.

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The Village Pantry is stocked with homemade jams, baking goods, spices, candy and more.  A favorite after school hang out for the kids. The building dates back to 1850 c., originally a post office.

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The Clock Tower in Peterson Park located in the center of the Village.

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Northerners that we are, Karen and I savor every opportunity we get to entertain outdoors.  A perfect summer evening of entertaining for us always includes plenty of good company, refreshing cocktails, a well planned menu, and a dash of ambiance to set the mood. And what sets a mood better than candlelight?

Rather than using predictable outdoor candles, we took our crafty side out for a whirl and created something a little different. If you’ve been following our Thirsty Thursdays videos (and who wouldn’t?) it’ll come as no surprise that we typically have a few empty wine or beer bottles lingering in our recycle bins from time to time. With a glass cutter purchased at our local craft store, we set out on a mission to create DIY Candle Covers as instructed in this extremely helpful youtube video, G2 Bottle Cutter.  

We love the outcome!  Although we did break one bottle, in the process (yikes!) the elegant sparkle of our candle display is truly as breathtaking as it is practical. The glass bottle covers magnify the effect of flickering flames, while the bottle necks protect the wicks from summer breezes all evening and kept our candles from extinguishing. 

Gather those pillars candles that you have scattered around the house and have some fun recycling your empties by creating these festive candle covers.  

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Tips that we found helpful:

Soaking the labels in water for easy removal.  Rubbing a little goo gone over the bottle will also help lift the glue.

photo (80)

 Try not to over score your bottle with glass cutter, because the bottle will separate unevenly. Top glass cutter on Amazon will give you a chance to do it impeccably.

photo (81)

 Bring your water to a boil. 

photo (82)

 The ice cold water should be in a separate pot as per the video.  Rotating the bottle back and forth from hot to cold creates the break, as shown above.  You may have to do this a few times.

photo (83)

 Use the correct size pillar candle so when the cover is placed over top of the candle, air can circulate between the candle and the cover.  Otherwise the flame will extinguish.

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