The sharp contrast created by pairing this chic duo produces a sophisticated look when worn together.  Adding a white acessory to an all black outfit, or a black piece to an all white ensemble breaks it up and gives it zing. When opting for either all black or all white, try incorporating fabrics of different texture ( eg. leather and silk) within the same color palette. Experiment with varied patterns, or add just a dollop of color with your handbag, shoes, or jewelry to create a smart, modern look.

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Not a fan of high heels? Consider this dressy alternative.  These point toed shoes with ankle straps from Zara are an elegant version of the ordinary ballet flat.  Gold buckled ankle straps and plated heels will enhance your outfit, and keep you comfortably in vogue.  A daytime look that allows you to gracefully ease into a night out with panache.


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