Dust off your arm weights ladies and gents, it’s about that time to pull out the sleeveless shirts and tank tops!  There are no excuses with these short 10 minute videos on how to make your arms look gorgeous.  Get ready to tone and tighten your arms so they look in tip top shape and are tank top ready!

Sexy Sculpted Arms

Tank Top Arms
Bikini Ready


Kara Sabatino, a Registered Licensed Dietitian, shared with us just a few of the biggest diet and exercise mistakes that people make. She explained that nutrisystem reviews are the best reviews if you are looking for a healthy diet.  Kara is currently operating a nutrition program offered at Fitness Together. She educates and informs her clients how to make healthy eating decisions, as well as providing the knowledge needed when grocery shopping.  For more great tips on nutrition and fitness, visit the blog.

Cutting too many calories to lose weight

-fuel your body

-quality vs. quantity of food

-skipping meals/snacks is bad


 Falling into a FAD diet trap

-All “diets” are unrealistic long term. (80% fail rate, with weight regain)

-If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

-Moderation is Key


Eating out too much

-High sodium, higher calories

-More fat, bigger portions

-Sometimes healthier choices like salads are not always best


 Buying foods based on the front of the product

-Fat free/Reduced fat does not mean better (we need fat, healthy fat)

-Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice frozen dinners

-Low calorie/things loaded with artificial sweeteners


Getting improper exercise

-More is not always better, we need the proper intensity. “ Walking the dog is not necessarily cardio”

-Correct form and structure to avoid injury

-At least 30 minutes a day to maintain weight (ACSM guidelines)

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Feed your kids like adults

-Just because they are at a healthy weight, does not mean Doritos and pop is a suitable after school snack.








Whether you’re dressing for the office, to meet with your girlfriends for lunch, or for that weekend get-a-way we love the plethora of classic and trendy styles found at Chico’s!


 photo (7)

photo (9)

You can’t help but have fun and feel sexy in this outfit! We started with the So Slimming™ Zip-Ankle Jean, Soft Ease Liana Shirt then topped it off with this sexy Crochet Back Vest.  (Karen just had to have this!) We accesorized with long and short Azure necklaces.

 photo (11)

photo (12)

Carmen Peri Poncho layered on top of the Microfiber Contemporary Tank (Black) and styled with the So-Slimming™ White Embroidered Ankle Jean. Instead of jewelry we accessorized the outfit with a scarf.



photo (10)

This shimmery Foil Drape Alyssa Cardigan enhances this outfit for the perfect date night out.  We paired this with the Tie-Dye Greta Hi-Slit Skirt and Microfiber Contemporary Tank.  Accessorized with the Ciana Pendant Necklace.


photo (16)

photo (15)

Animal print is a must have in every wardrobe! This is the perfect outfit for a girlfriends lunch.  Animal Abstraction Liana Top layered on top of the Soft Ease Jady Tank paired with the Soft Cinched Skimmer pant.


photo (13)

photo (14)

Everyone needs A Little Black Dress(es)! We each have many styles.  The fun part is accessorizing your dress for a new look everytime. This Travelers Classic Ring Sleeve Dress is perfect for taking on vacation.  This collection is wrinkle-resistant! We choose two different necklaces. The first photo we featured the Ariana necklace.   The second photo we used the Tiera long & short multi-strand necklaces.
A big thank you to Deanna, Susan and Rana from Chico’s in Boardman, Ohio!